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July 30, 2006


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I feel ya Nola. I was actually asleep at like midnight, and hubby woke me up at 2am on accident, and I haven't been to bed since. Granted, it COULD have been the 3 huge 44oz mugs of sweet tea I had at dinner, but I'm still blaming the hubby. I gave up at 6am and decided on coffee. TRYING to take a nap now, but it's so not happening. I'm torturing myself now with the laundry. Not as anal retentive as you, but I have them seperated by person, whites are seperated by towels, shirts, and socks, and towels by color. I'm rambling again!.....


i must have been fast asleep during the 80's, cuz i cant remember 5 songs i would like to hear again
omfg they sucked:P
you are trying to join my 'club of no sleep'aint ya??


Tea is my downfall, Dani. I drink it incessantly.

Tekkie, insomnia and I are old friends. I'm not usually as bad as I used to be, but every once in awhile... WHAM!

And by the way? It's sacrilege to say that the music in the 80's sucked. You could get lynched. Or smacked.


either or both would be fine :P
remind me again what was so great about the 80's......


Well, the 80's as a whole wasn't necessarily anything to write home about, but the music? Loooooooove 80's music. Way more fun and original than most of the depressing, pissed off, overproduced, oversexed music they make now. And mostly? All the artists now are interchangable. You can't tell 'em apart unless you ask to see their ID.



ok, ok, what good music is there?:P


Geez, where to start? From Depeche Mode to Flock of Seagulls to Soft Cell to Joan Jett to old Prince to Motley Crue (before they were a fucking joke) to Bow Wow Wow to... well, the list is endless. I can't even say those are my favorites, just the first things that popped into my head. Although Depeche Mode? Definitely one of my all time faves.

*hums 'I Feel You' and falls out of chair*


hmmm, i feel you isnt from the 80's:P, although depeche mode are.... kinda
flock of seagulls, soft cell, and motley crue are all eeeeew
and dont even go there with bow wow wow


I never said THAT song was from the 80's, it's just one of Depeche Mode's songs that I like. I can break out in Strangelove if it'll make you feel better, spork boy. /:)

And Depeche mode, with a few minor exceptions, had their best music in the 80's. So... nanner nanner.

Good thing I love you, even if all your taste is in your MOUTH.



hehe @ spork boy... yer gonna get me going with that,lol
i must admit, i do like depeche mode, but i prefer their later stuff
we have to sit down one day and discuss music, then you wont think i haveno taste :P


Laundry done simple: By Nyt

Sort clothes by Darks, Neutrals, Whites, and Delicates. If you must, break it down further to Sheets, Towels, Blankets (ONE category) and Jeans.

No cheating. Darks are darks. Neutrals are neutrals. Whites are whites. Don't be distracted. Don't let the Anal Personality quibble over "There's a bit of white on this dark shirt" or "Egads! You can't wash this blouse in Darks--it's got too many neutral colors." It's a dark blouse or shirt--LOOK at the larger garment. So what if it's dark green, dark red, dark blue--IT'S DARK DAMNIT! Same with Neutral colored clothing. Same with whites.

Delicates, certain shirts, skirts, and other women's clothing should be hung up wet. Don't dry them in the dryer. Same goes for hosiery, bras, thongs/panties, delicate wear, and stuff. Hang em on hangers to dry.

Hang up every article that needs hanging in closets when they come out of the dryer ASAP. No quibbling or arguing here. Saves on ironing. Trust me--I hate ironing.

Takes me about 4 hours unless I'm washing sheets and blankets and rugs this week.


sheesh i just throw them all in and turn the switch on. takes 5 minutes lol if they don't turn pink or blue the first time their good to go


Nyt, I already hand wash/delicate wash the things that need it and hang them to dry. It's just the sorting thing that brings out my type-A.

Wild, I'd love to see your rainbow colored socks... *laughs*


I lived with a roommate in my long ago past who was so anal about laundry, that she would wash all the same SHADES of blue in one load, another SHADE of blues in another load, ect...Took her a week to do one major set of laundry. Cured me of being anal about mine--unless you talk to my husband.

He says "I can't do laundry right, according to her," while pointing to me. "So I'm allowed to fold towels." It's not that he CAN'T do laundry right--he does it well enough, but he THROWS ALL MY STUFF IN THE DRYER! About the only things I throw in the dryer are jeans and socks and on the rare occasion, undies. So I just took over doing laundry.

But I don't mind--all the clothes come out clean, hung up, folded for those that actually go in the dresser, and done in about 4 hours.

I also use washing soda in my washloads. Vinegar on those occasions I forgot and dumped in an extra capful of detergent. Vinegar also works as a rinse instead of softner for towels, sheets, blankets, and jeans.


I'm with NYT on this sorting thing...Darks, Neutrals, Whites thats the way to go!! But don't get me started on folding!! Talk about ANAL, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is allowed to help me fold. There is a certain way things need folded, towels, wash clothes (they get folded in 3's by the way) Underwear and socks. Yes...I fold underwear and socks. Even Thongs CAN and WILL be FOLDED. See Nola Lou its not just you, we all have a thing about our laundry. Ummmm but not at 3am :P


Maggie, I realized that most Darks need to be washed in cold water, Neuterals in warm water, and Whites in hot water. But I cheat because D and I don't often have enough Neutrals or Whites for full loads--so I usually wash them together in warm water. Jeans go in cold water washing; blankets, sheets, towels and rugs go in warm water washing. Same with kitty beds, rabbit pads, and other assorted animal bedding.

Fold em up, hang em up as soon as they come out of the dryer and I'm DONE. D installed bicycle hooks in the laundry room for me so I have hangers within reach and places to store air-dry clothing and fresh-from-the-dryer clothing. No ironing for me--I avoid it worse than Hep C. *grins* That brings out the wrinkle-releaser spray--always keep a bottle of that handy. Spray, snap, and hang. Done!

I don't fold D's socks--he's gazillions. And he puts them in his drawer. But I fold undies, shorts, tops, my jammies. Everything else goes on hangers, including D's Tshirts.

Bill Moake

You should have a video camera running in every room of your house. To record your blur during all-nighters like you describe and save it for posterity. In the future psych professors could slow down the tape and study your behavior for 21st Century Demented 101.


I'll keep that in mind, Bill. Really.



You all crack me up! I solved the whole "laundry prob" years ago. I let hubby do em :D Then "I" dont have to go out of my fucking mind everytime I want to wear something.

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