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July 24, 2006


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Your Husband

I send you all my love from the Warrensburg, MO. Roadway Inn. Love you and tell Connor I love him. I'll call later.


I think I would have to copy and paste that letter to an email (or better yet print if off and hand carry it) send it off to the company. I agree 100% RUDE RUDE RUDE!! When I have had to interview and hire as much as I hate letting anyone know they didn't get the job (for what ever reason) I personally called each and everyone to let them know. Yes, I secretly prayed for an answering machine to pick up, but all the same each applicant was notified that they didn't get the job. Be glad you didn't get it, I wouldn't want to work for such an uncaring ignorant employer!!


LMFAO i love how ur mind works!! I agree tooo....why can't employer's understand that a simple phone call will end our misery on waiting for the phone to ring. I hate wasting the better part of my morning sitting at home waiting. Good Job! (i hope those girls who just wanted to meet you are reading this....cus i have a feeling ur talking right to them)

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