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July 16, 2006


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ya know if you had told me you were gonna go to penneys for furniture i woulda told you most of it was only available thru the catalog.. woulda saved you the trip. but i'm glad you found a bed for the boy even if it was some other place.


*Sigh* Furniture shopping, how I miss thee...

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed every minute you were able to spend in the lovely furniture sections and stores. Oh, and next time you head out to any of those types of places please enjoy it twice as much for me.

Also, a belated congratulations on the job! Whoo hoo for the newly employed Nola!


Wild, I was at the JCPenney's Home Store. They carry furniture so I was all 'woohoo!'. But they only carry about a billion couches and tables and some king and queen sized beds. Twins and fulls? Almost nothing. Dammit. They did have some killer bedding, though, which surprised me. Who knew?

Anne, I'm pretty sure my checkbook will spontaneously combust if I set foot in a furniture store any time in the near future. It's already breaking out in hives. Thanks for the congrats. I'm a little nervous, but hopefully that will pass. Gah.


Oh Nola.....now you need to get one of my Amish Made SOLID Cherry Rockers to go with your furniture. They are ABSOLUTELY beautiful. I sell about 3 a week on Ebay :D My neighbor makes them in Oak and Cherry. I'll even cut ya a deal GF ;) WHAT JOB??? What did I miss?????


SOLID CHERRY ROCKERS??? I know this is all Nola's blogg and everything....but being as i love furniture as much as the next guy...imathinkin we need a website or a link to the ebay thing or something. So glad u found a good bed for Connor BTW! (did u get bedding?)


Maggie, I love cherry and would love to have a rocker but I shudder to think what the shipping would cost. Um... define 'deal'... *laughs*

Heather, no bedding yet. Will be looking into it this week, I think. Assuming I haven't spontaneously combusted by this time tomorrow.


ohhhhh I'm making sales on Nola's Blog :D Heather just go to Ebay and in the search type in the words AMISH ROCKING CHAIR hit enter and you'll see my chairs maggie_1019 :D The shipping is Free ;)

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