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August 03, 2007


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Shauna (aka your sister)

Glad to see you have returned to your zone. :-) (Can I have an "AMEN!"?) You take care of yourself.

I am happy for your peace of mind that you are writing -- and no more meteor/rampant bus expectations!



The Gospel According to Lee: Yea, though thou mayest be armed with the might spork, thou instillest no fear, for thou art miniscule.
See? It's not what you say, how you say it, or even where you say it. It's simply because you are so small that you cannot even cause a shiver in the spine of a field mouse. I think the strength and veracity of your emotions, and your need to express such is probably due to the whole Dynamite-comes-in-small-packages thing... at least so says Dr. Lee.
If you Amazonian in stature, you could say whatever the hell you want in your blog and experience no feedback from any simian, neanderthalian throwbacks who long ago took a nose-diving plunge down the rungs of the evolutionary ladder.
I will spring for a gallon of Miracle Grow for you, then you can down it and blog like the tiny little hellion you are.


J.N. if something hits you that hard then you should write about it... someone once told me that writing about it at least gets it out in the open a bit and then it doesn't feel so overwhelming. and as for anyone else's response.. these blogs were originally intended to use as an outlet to let people know what your going thru and what your feeling, if we're not allowed to type it whats the point in blogging or having anything like a blog. I've never been one to show my emotions publicly usually specially on 360 or the net, lol i've grown to like that whole mysterious rep thing.. anyway, i've gotten to the point where I stick fluff on my 360 blog now cause i've figured out noone really knows me or what i'm going thru and they have their own problems. Its getting boring so I'm cutting back on posting. My point is if you believe in something so strongly,post it and screw everyone else.


Hey there Nola Lou...Its YOUR blog, its YOUR thoughts and its YOUR right to voice things how ever they affect you. If people don't like it, then they don't have to read it, they also have the right since its public to voice their opinion as well in a response. Personally, I look forward to reading your blogs, nobody can make me laugh and shake my head like you do. Even if its about cat barf ROFL!!

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