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August 28, 2008


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You can't do that! I'll be Shortyless!

I'm here if you want someone to rant at or something, kay? I'm emailable. I hope you're okay.

Lau xxx


That's understandable with your new tasks lying ahead. Make sure to let us know please. Hugs n stuff.


Ok...ok...what's goin' on? I know--I KNOW! My phone line is always tied up now that I'm back to teaching again...send me smoke signals!


We're waiting.....


are you kidding?? i won't know ANYthing about your goings-on if that happens - do you have any idea how bad you are with correspondence? haha :P
i heart you - hope you're ok :)


Hey, guys. Sorry I've been awol, but there've been computer issues at home. Long story involving a blown compressor on my air conditioner (don't ask), but hopefully it will be fixed by Tuesday. Right now I can only get on the computer for brief times early or late in the day.

As to the blog, well... I'm still on the fence. I just don't know. Issues have developed with it, once again, because of my tendency to share very personal things on here. I'm really, really tired of the blog biting me on the ass because I write with very few boundaries, so it comes down to either me changing how I write and keeping it all to very non-personal items (no idea how or what I'd manage with THAT guideline), or taking it down. The third option, of course, would be to continue on as I always have, but then I end up pissing people off by airing out issues in public like this, soooo... don't think that's really an option.


Will keep you informed as I can. Hugs to you all.

P.S. And yes, Ash, I know... I'm the most phenomenally bad correspondent EVER. Bite me :P


I keep saying you should try LJ. It would be a way to have both - you keep your blog, but you get to choose who can read each entry. If you look at mine you will only see 23 posts this year, but I've actually made 100. I have custom groups that I can post to as well, so a post can be either public, completely private, only to people on your list of friends, or only to groups you've created from people on your friends list.



Option 4- New site mailed to your invited friends only who actually WANT to know what you need to air about...LIKE ME!! (And the others here). And if someone doesn't want to read your painfully truthful posts, they shouldn't be in your blog anyway. That's why it's called ONLY NOLA, heh?


You need to get on writing some things for us to read and laugh or cry about with you. I for one look forward to you insight and humor. GET ON IT WOMAN! My life is quite boring without you in it.


Jen, I may have to consider that option. I hate the thought of censorship in any fashion, even if it's limiting viewers, but by the same token, I'm really, REALLY tired of the drama that comes with writing a blog dealing with really personal issues. I know it's stupid, but I look at my readers as, well... kind of an extended family (and some of them actually ARE family. Eep!), and this is how I keep connected to them. Some of them I don't even know face-to-face (hell, MOST of them I don't know face-to-face, lol), but still, they've been with me for... God, I guess it's six years now... through a lot of really tough times in my life, and the site is a bit of a vent for me. I know sometimes I stick my foot in my virtual mouth, but then again, it's kind of like reality television... you don't always get things all prettied up, you know?

And Auburn, that's another thought I've had. The problem is that there are a number of readers that I know visit regularly but have never given me their email, so I couldn't give them the new site address in any kind of private way. Still... I could always write a new blog under a new screen name, and make sure THAT one has absolutely no identifying information. Keep it purely anonymous, lol. No real names (which I mostly don't use even now, minus a few main characters in my life), no name of the city I live in, no... ugh. I think I'm too lazy for that. I'd get confused and start having seizures :P. I'll think of something, though, one way or the other.

And Ray... I'm really surprised to see your comment on this issue. Both because how can your life be boring without me in it when I AM in it?, and because you know full well why I'm struggling with this. I know you have been in favor of me finishing some of my writing work and all, but you know as well as anyone, and better than most, why I'm having such a problem with this at the minute. I appreciate the written support, but I am... confused.

I guess I'll have to decide something, one way or the other, in the next day or two. Thanks for all the comments, all of you. I appreciate you all more than I can say.



call me


I know I've just shown up, but hang in there. I've been enjoying catching up on you. I've laughed, I've cried, heck, sometimes you even make me think *shudder*. Looks like you've got some people who care, and yes, you can add me to that "one hand thing". :)

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