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September 28, 2008


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Bring back bumperstickers kplzthx? :P


Jen, lol, I miss them, too. I am working on it, but with this flu and exams and all, it's just going to take a wee bit of time to work its way up my priority scale.

But overall, the site is better now, no?


Well, I dunno. I don't really see a huge difference. I'm betting on the backside it's easier, though.


Jen, a big one is that I can use YouTube on here now, as I've been making annoying use of it already, lol. Plus the comment area is much better, functionally and aesthetically, and the sidebar has a much better look (no, I haven't added my flickr tag yet. Might do that later.)and the such. Yes, backside is WAY better... stats are HUGELY improved, among other things, and the customer service is worth its weight in gold. GOLD, I tell you! *laughs*

Yeah, I'll work on the bumper sticker thing next week, maybe.

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