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November 24, 2009


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OKAY...I've waited as long as I could...I was sure someone else would chime in and stop you by now. Personally, I believe when the scissors speak, it's time to listen. It's a sign YOU are unhappy with your hair. THUS maybe it's time for a change given the fact you are the one spending good quality time with your hair 20+ hours on any given day, not to mention even though my hair is long(er) because I look like a 13 year old boy with short hair, I live vicariously through those I envy who can get away with wearing those FABULOUS / BITCHY LITTLE short cuts...I say go for it if it's what you and the curls want while there's no one saying you "can't" cut it or certain favorite things may dissappear like your hair did...did I say that out loud?

Somesibling Orother

I was so hoping for a twist on the ol' "take my mother... please." :-)

Good to see you posting. I'd read the short "went to see Paranormal" post but had somehow missed the follow-up. I'm caught up now.


Catch me up on your life...please! I miss you!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Holidays!


Auburn... I'm thus far winning the battle with my urge to cut my hair off. I make no promises as to how long this will last, but I do appreciate you thinking I can get away with the scalped look. *laughs* If I go nuts with the scissors, I'll know who to point at and blame. :D

Ohsiblingofmine... glad you're caught up. I'm doing my best to be a bit better on the posting issue. It's still not up to old standards of every-other-day, but it's way better than it was. Always a work in progress, eh?

Nyt... I miss you, too, and hope you had a wonderful turkey day. I'll try and sit and write you soon. You and Auburn both, actually. I know, I know... I'm the shittiest correspondent EVER.

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