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July 13, 2010


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It's on. Definitely.


Not only well said (exceedingly) but also cathartic. You just affirmed my notation the other day that you're beautiful inside and out. I know the path that brings you (us) to such realizations, self-affirmations, and even declarations. May that path bring you to places of grace, peace, and love.


Heyyyyy, I like Llamas AND french fries...don't be a hater. Oh, and by the way, will you be my marriage counselor ? You made more sense in one document than my whole brain has in 39 years? Can you call my husband? I think we both need to understand this. You didn't put one of those "do not reprint without express written concent of the author" things in there did you?....

OK, seriously, whatever it is that made you write all of that A) I hate that you hurt in order to do it and have yet again experienced pain B) Am happy that you have found a new strength within yourself with which to live by. C)Just remember it's going to take practice to make it work. You're not gonna be great at it overnight. It's not really a my-way-or-the-highway kind of thing, it's more of a pick your battles kind of thing. Like letting them pick the side of the bed rather than letting them decide only when to see you. I wish you luck and peace and love and joy and happiness with this new frame of mind...stick with it........and turn your damn computer on once in a while woman! We do also have EMAIL ya know! And then there's still the good ole' US Mail system, pen and paper is very theraputic!!


Thank you both for your kind words and support. It means a great deal to me. I'm lucky to have a sister who sees me that way and a friend that cares.

And Auburn, I appreciate, too, the insight about 'it's going to take practice'. I have to remember that and not beat myself up when I'm not getting it perfect right away.

*hugs to you both*


Still thinking of you....
We can not change the direction of the wind, yet we can adjust our sails.
Stay strong grasshopper.

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