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August 14, 2006


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Well, since it has been like 2 weeks since I have even read any of your posts I had to do it all TODAY in the past 15 mins or so and am going to make it easy on you and just comment all at once.
CONGRATS!!! on the new house, im so glad to hear the crazy ex decided to sign on the dotted line. Wonder who tipped her off that it was YOU who was buying the house and would make her life miserable should she decide otherwise.
I got a kick out of Conners missuse of ewhore, that made me chuckle and almost get fired at work.
As for the whole Home Depot vs. Lowes...I think they equally suck ass and they are overpriced. I walked in there just to "visit" and see if I could get a cheaper claw foot tub there rather than online or through this catalogue I have, while YES I could....it is a major pain in the ass just to get someome who even remembers what a clawfoot tub is to help me pick one out.
Anyway...hope ur trips are getting shorter and the nights (so you can sleep) longer. OH....and the job hunt...keep ur chin up if nothing has come through just yet.

I promise I wont wait like....2 weeks to read ur blog again, just to much catching up.

woohooo....my anti-spam thingie is an easy one!! 3+2=:D

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