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August 11, 2006


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Don't feel too outta the loop..there are still phones. :D GOOD LUCK!


Donates a bunch of Bubble Wrap from my store, couple nice heavy duty boxes and packing tape. Laughs and Laughs as I imagine Nola with a pait brush in each hand and a gallon of paint clenched between her teeth, zooming from room to room painting like the mad woman she is!! Then colapsing in a heap in the middle of the floor digging through her purse for Motrin and muttering obscenities. Hey....but she got the job done :D Good luck with the move GF, wishing you only the best ya know xoxoxo PS:: Don't forget to pack the sporks :)


kept sending smoke signals all day long and no answers.
then i saw a thin gray line of smoke climbing up...two round clouds,one flat,another round...dang the message was clear..
Nola racing to Lowes again..good luck there

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