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August 15, 2006


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Not really a relavent comment, but hubby says you're odd lol, in a good way of course. And NO you do not look like the jollygreen giant, because I AM THE JOLLYGREEN GIANT! Nola, I confess, it was I who put the eleven cans of green beans in your cupboard. :-D


Who the HELL eats canned green beans? Unless they come from your garden and you canned them yourself--who eats estrogen-mimicking plastic-lined canned anything?

*grins at Nola* Actually, I was cleaning out my cabinets and pantry. I found ONE DOZEN canned green beans in both places! I know who the culprit is--it's my husband! When he goes shopping to "pick up a few items" he gets the "Hmmmmm...we don't have enough veggies...Wife doesn't think of things like that." So in the cart goes ONE DOZEN CANS of ONE THING.

Truth is I prefer fresh or frozen veggies. Canned veggies just don't cut it.


Turns and slowly looks towards my pantry....ok now I'm scared!! Agree's with NYT, fresh or home canned veggies for us too :D



Actually, my husband distrusts our government to the hilt. He buys canned goods all the time to make sure IF we have to bug out, we have food we can eat safely. Canned goods in his mind goes with the survival gear he's been collecting since 2004. After Hurricane Katrina, he became more conscious of natural disasters. Even though we live in a desert--there's been a lot of flooding lately--he's thinking of our future needs.


My portal is in the back of my freezer where they keep dropping new bags of veggies in my veggie drawer. Unfortunately they keep giving me the crappy store brand ones that I swear I quit buying because they don't have the best quality control (I don't even want to go into what I have found in the store brand frozen veggies). Those damn portal fiends just can't get me Green Giant or Bird's Eye even once!


Anne, I get your frozen veggie's bastard cousins... the dread Generic Canned Kidney Beans. Why that's the only thing that pops up in my cabinet that is both a)hideously ugly (whomever is in charge of designing the labels for store brand kidney beans should be SHOT) and perpetually is beyond me, but there you go.

Nyt, when one doesn't have a yard for a garden and lives in an area where the grocery store's idea of produce is nothing so much as a gigantic joke on every stomach in the known universe, one eats canned vegetables. I don't mind them, really. Well, some of them. I refuse to eat canned whole kernel corn. Strictly a frozen corn person. canned corn with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Tough as nails, which is not a quality I admire in my consumables...

Dani, if that was you... I'll be seeing YOU later. Make sure to DUCK.

Maggie, again... GARDEN! I have NO GARDEN. Gah. You want to contribute to my welfare and start me fresh and/or home canned veggies, well... I'm all for it. *holds out hands*

Oh, and btw? Just got a call from the people I interviewed with on Monday. Second interview coming this Monday at 3:00. Yay? *laughs*


Hey Nola, we don't have a garden either. *grins* Our state was in severe drought, so no gardening allowed. Ok--I cheated a bit and managed to grow some herbs in flower pots for Jack, but I had to use my warm-up water to keep them going. Now we have so much rain, parts of the state have flooded out. Still no garden. *grins*

Next year, you can plant a veggie garden. Maybe we can plant a veggie garden. Then we can share gardening tips--like what's the best mulch and how to keep the pests from damaging too much of the produce. LOL

And congrats on the second interview.


Between the rabbits, coons and groundhogs I don't have much of a garden either this year. Which is fine and dandy with me since I have NO time to can this year anyhow. Sends Nola Lou 1 Groundhog with a belly full of Green Beans, 2 Raccoons with bellies full of corn and possibly still holding an ear or 2 in their grubby lil hands, and a gazillion rabbits with bellies heaping full of everything else :| Good Luck on the 2nd Interview!! Keep us posted as I'm sure ya will :D


Maggie, have your husband pee around your veggie plants. It will discourage the coons, the rabbits, and the groundhogs. Also gather up your hair clippings--whenever you have your hair cut--and scatter them around your plot. Plant garlic and onions/leeks/scallions around your plot and that will definately discourage rabbits.


Thanks for the tips NYT!! I heard about the hair before but never tried it. My neighbor is a beautician maybe I'll gather up a bag full from her and try that next year. Its to late this year for any help. Its all fenced in, I know the coons crawl over, not sure how the rabbits and groundhogs are getting in. Its soooooo irratating to say the least. We have a huge garden and the only thing I'm going to have plenty of is tomatoe's at this point. We planted about 90 some mater plants and they pretty much left them alone. Somebody told us to hang CD's in the garden we did that I guess that didn't work LOL


You must be keepin' busy Miss Nola. I havent been able to get my onlynola fix the last couple days. Lol. How are you, and how did the interbview go?


Heya Christina. Days without Nola? How you survive? :P

Interview went well. Second interview is this coming Monday. *crosses fingers*

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