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August 27, 2006


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Nola hun....i bow down to you for even attempting to go outside and mow ur lawn....and all the bullshit that goes with it. I absolutly REFUSE to touch the lawnmower. HOW you have grass when we only have ...dirt..is beyond me, but. happy you got it done.
I also HATE talking to the smug phone "customer service" (ha..talk about an oxymoron) people who are secretly (sp) laughing at you ranting and raving about how shitty their company is.
Give hubby a beer and tell him to chill out...oh wait..that was yesterday. How is he today?? any better?


I'd actually recommend a leaf blower for clearing off the grass clippings from the patio and stuff. It's what Mark does. Lord knows, I thought a leaf blower was for blowing leaves...but alas, it's also for blowing the hell out of the grass clippings on the sidewalk and driveway. Who'd have thunk it?

I personally think it has something to do with him being male and having another "power tool" in his possession. Who knows?


Good Luck Tomorrow on the New JOB!! I don't EVEN want to go into the whole mowing the lawn thing. We have over 1 1/2 acres to mow, it takes over 3 hours and GOD forbid you mow it wrong :| I've decided its just better if Danno does it. One week you have to mow one direction, the next week you go another direction the next week you go at an angle....blah blah blahhhhhh just get on the damn mower and get it over with!! Can't wait to hear about your first day on the job :D


Well? How was your first day on your new job? *grins and bats eyes* Or should we wait until you've been there at least a week?


I'll post about it tomorrow, assuming I'm still conscious by then. This 5 a.m. shit is hard on a poor woman's body. Well, mine, anyway.

And I have to remember to write about hating this one asshole who called in and caused me my one embarrassing moment of the day. Fucker.


WELL?!?!?! How was the jobbie job???

Why the heck would you sweep the grass?? I never do. Should I? Great, now i'll be worried about it and i'll have to sweep it next time. Thanks! lolol


you think you hate 5am now?? Wait til your body gets used to it and you wake up at that time on your day's off :|



Bite me. :|



I was gonna tell her the same thing but thought better of it.

As for grass clippings and such...I just dump em into my flower beds...great mulch!

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