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August 21, 2006


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It was my pleasure..I live to torture you, after all.


Good answers! I tried to think of witty comebacks ~ just couldn't. I could relate to #13 and #15. Waitresses and dentists, both, are programmed to talk to you when your mouth is full. As for #15 ~ well, I've tested that theory several times. I never learn. Or I'm just plain lazy.


Sprinkle baking soda on your carpets, furniture, cat beds, and other places that fleas like to hide, Nola. Let it sit over night and in the morning--vacumn the damn suckers up. Works every time for us.

As for #16, well I can make out Spanish fair enough after living in New Mexico for nearly 30 years. Spanish is LEGAL and REQUIRED here since our forefathers were here before the US forefathers.

However, it's the other languages that have me gasping for air.


i can help you out the flas thing.Keep a large dog,or better invite the neighbours door for a snack every now and then.The neighbour will never realize it, it will keep smiling at ya when you jump off to milk and gas in yr worst pjamas. ciao


geezz dog it was..let me not even read it over again.DOG
0+4=1 I swear that was gonna be my antispam answer.geez


oh that sounded like a fun one :D After the day I had yesterday at work (The Pediatrician's Office) I don't think there is a enough space anywhere for me to talk about the things that irritated me and I KNOW being limited to 20 wouldn't be suffice!! Gotta agree with the whole Waitress thing, I think they stand by and just wait for you to put that bite in your mouth and rush right over. I've gotten the "don't ask me" glare down pat now :D


Oh Nola thanks again for making my day!!!


Nyt, we don't fleas, I just hate them. Satan's little minions. I wish they'd all just spontaneously combust.

I think hates the waiter/waitress thing. I don't know how they DO that! I'm pretty sure it's in the DNA... probably right after the 'fuck yourself out of a tip by asking me if I want my CHANGE' gene.

God, I should have put that on the list, too. See how limiting TWENTY is?

Glad I could give everyone a laugh. Except Holly. Her I'm still thinking of kicking. :D


Your litany of 20 was simply hilarious! I really empathize with the one about the cars on the freeway (my cruise control proves beyond doubt that these others are driving erratically), and the hamburger hard bits.

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