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May 08, 2007


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If you're sure its ants, then sprinkle ground cinnamon around your property. Seriously, it keeps them out of your house. A couple of years ago, we had ants climbing up the outside wall of our house, coming in through the window, and *shudders* landing somehow in Jack's little house. They were attracted to his foods--hay, pellets, fresh vegies and herbs. Since we have this rabbit, we can't expose him to pesticides, right? Rabbits are like kids--pesticides cause them all kinds of health problems. We also have feral and indoor cats--they like to taste things, like granular poisons and we can't afford the vet bills for things like that.

I discovered the use of ground cinnamon. I sprinkled it in the window sill, in the window track, under Jack's mat/rug and under his feed bowls. Then I went out side and sprinkled it below the window. Went a bit crazy and sprinkled it up and down the outside walls, where the house meets the dirt.

No more ants. *grins* They don't like cinnamon--it burns them. They are allowed around certain plants--like the peony bush because without them, we don't get any blooms--but they have to remain OUTSIDE!

And we learn to use vinegar--straight white vinegar for other pests too.


Nods and Nods at NYT's comment, it does work and so does sticks of Clove Chewing Gum. We had ants in the house HORRIBLY 2 years ago and with the pups its hard to spray or put anything around. I was reading this home remedy type book and it said to lay a stick of Clove Gum on every shelf of your cupboards and ants will be gone. Sure as Shit it worked :D it also said about the cinnamon trail around the house. Good Luck!!


Clove Chewing Gum? Would whole cloves work, I wonder? I could place those around the perimeter of the house and not worry about wind and rain! *grins* Thanks, Maggie!

I'm going to have to try that...soon!


You guys rock! I tried the cinnamon (I didn't have much, so I just did a small area to start with), and BOYOHBOY do those ants HATE it! I nearly cackled.


Okay, I cackled. I admit it. I felt like doing the running man all around my front yard.

Little bastards don't know who they're dealing with...


Nola youre not as easy as you MAY think to get hold of!!!
But here goes again. Shorter note this time incase it doesnt go thru.
Fire ants you say, quit your job? Missouri?
until today I never asked where you were cause I did not want you to think I was some weird inter net stalker. Now that I know I feel I better up date my missouri site,
and how do you post in public domain, and I tried the Nola-at-0nlynola.com. no luck Mike
thanks for being you and my internet inspiration...Mike
or google me at michaeldsteiner


If you have a Sam's Club near you or Costco or some other huge box store, you should be able to get a huge jar of cinnamon--ground cinnamon, Nola. *grins* That's one of the few reasons why we do keep our Sam's Club membership active.

I don't like using pesticides or herbicides because we have too many animals. On top of that, they are like children--they absorb too many chemicals that build up to toxic overloads within a short time frame. Not good in my book. That's when I started investigating more organic and natural aids in keeping the pests down.

One caution though---don't use apple cider vinegar. Flies, for some strange reason, are attracted to it. Use white distilled vinegar instead.

By the way--sprinkle baking soda onto your carpets at night and work them. Next morning, vacumn and toss the bag into a plastic bag and seal. Lay it out in the sun for a couple of hours or toss it in your rolling dumpster and you will have no more fleas! Seriously--it works! Baking soda dries them out--eggs, larvae, and adults alike!


Yuh-huh... ants.They are a bother, but I'm an instant kill poison person myself. On the other hand... if the poison is a danger to other living critters...
You'd so hate visiting MY house. If you hate ants, then I'm guessing you REALLY hate spiders... and we don't kill spiders around here... we co-exist with them.

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