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December 03, 2009


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I will REPEAT that I was NOT sucking, I was only channeling... and BTW? Thank you for ommiting ME from point #4. Seriously, I wouldn't want everybody to know how stupid I was for not pushing away from the table when I had more than quadrupled my money with your 'channeled' luck. Gawd that would be embarrassing!


Have I mentioned how cute you are?


Yeah, I also didn't mention the absolutely hysterical look on your face as I glanced over and saw what you'd done. I think mainly that's because I couldn't find the words to describe it. It still makes me laugh out loud when I picture it, though. Heheheheheheh.

And no, you haven't. Feel free. I don't mind.

Somesibling Orother




Uh oh...look out world--Nola's discovered casinos...next will be racetracks and football betting! :D

Hiya Mark--I be Nyt--as in NIGHT. *grins wickedly* Used to be the JD bitch but I've mellowed.

Ask Nola if you don't believe me.

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